Track and Receive Alerts

Reduce Missed Treatments

IntelaTrak has developed a technology protocol that provides additional checks and balances, verifying that a service or treatment has been completed according to the desired schedule.

How IntelaTrak Works

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Our unique QRcode-based IntelaTags are used to schedule and track patient tasks such as caregiver shift schedules, patient procedures, appointments and safety checks.

Caregivers use smart devices to scan an IntelaTag to be directed to the patient's scheduled tasks, viewable in IntelaTrak's web- or mobile-based applications.

Electronic Visit Verification tracks the times and locations of services. Caregivers can quickly collaborate with team members by uploading patient progress notes, images and videos.


  • VNA / Homecare
  • Chronic Wound Patients
  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Outpatient Surgical Patients
  • Inpatient Surgical Patients


  • Minimal training required
  • Reduce chance of infection
  • Reduce readmittance due to infections
  • Increase compliance
  • Track inventory
  • Improve care compliance

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Currently there is no solution available that truly confirms a dressing, central / IV line, catheter or med patch has been changed on a patient. Interested in finding out more about how you can improve compliance and reduce missed treatments with this advanced tracking solution? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

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