screen of applicationIntelaTrak Helps Medical Staff Maintain Compliance And Reduce Potential Infections

IntelaTrak provides to patients, healthcare professionals and third-party payers a system of additional checks and balances previously not available to ensure adherence and compliance.

IntelaTrak Features

IntelaTrak’s mobile application promotes quality assurance & performance improvements while maintaining compliance via:




IntelaTrak Benefits

IntelaTrak has developed a technology protocol that provides additional checks and balances, verifying that a service or treatment has been completed according to the desired schedule.

Reminder & Overdue Notifications

IntelaTrak reduces compliance issues associated with missed treatments by notifying caregivers, patients or physicians before a treatment is overdue and becomes a compliance issue. Clinical Staff & Home Care patients will receive reminder alerts via email, text or SMS if IntelaTrak has detected that a scheduled dressing, med patch or IV line treatment has been missed. The system will continue to send alerts until the required treatment has been completed and verified by IntelaTrak.

Customize Permissions & Notifications

IntelaTrak allows each hospital, facility, physician and home caregivers to set notifications to meet their specific compliance requirements. IntelaTrak can be co​nfigured to provide notifications and reports to multiple stakeholders and provide care givers remote visibility into a patients care.

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