Organizations Currently Using IntelaTrak

Dr. Ken Leavitt Chief of Podiatry New England Baptist - Outpatient Post-Surgical Discharge Tracking

Objective: Reduce un-reimbursed costs for inpatient surgical admissions Costs associated with admitting outpatient surgical patients are non-reimbursable. In a department of a large academic medical center, one surgeon enrolled in the trial program, performs an average of 30 outpatient procedures per month. Seven patients are admitted for overnight stays due to provider concerns of patient non-compliance with post-surgical care plans and risk of infection. The unreimbursed cost to the hospital for seven patients is $2300 per day or $16,100 per month.

Solution: Monitor and track care patient compliance with the care plan IntelaTrak is being used to educate patients on how to properly manage their condition and to monitor the patients for 48 hours post discharge to ensure compliance is being adhered to and decrease the potential for re-admissions. IntelaTrak is expected to reduce the number of post-surgical admissions from seven to two. The savings for the hospital is anticipated to be $11,500 per month or $138,000 annually for just one doctor. For this hospital that performs over 700 procedures per month, the savings across the facility will be significant.

NeuLife - Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Objective: Improve visibility into patient care for caregivers and family members Specializing in traumatic brain injury (TBI), a rehabilitation center is seeking a solution that will improve patient care and provide transparency for the patient’s family into the services and care the patient is receiving.

Solution: Provide better care plan oversight, enable family members to have visibility into actual care, provide care education. Using IntelaTrak’s iKnowledge video media manager module, the center will capture and document the patient’s progress throughout their rehabilitation. IntelaTrak will verify and track all services that are being provided to confirm that the care plan is being followed. On-demand education and training will enable caregivers and family to understand treatment and allow care team members and the patient’s family to access and share critical treatment data.


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